Hi, I’m Clara; fashion designer, maker, stylist, lifestyle blogger... with a focus on creating sustainably. 

After 12 years working in London as a designer in the Fashion industry, I am now based in leafy Hertfordshire in my quaint little studio where I can finally give my brand, ‘NUVONOVA’ my undivided attention and it no longer be ‘just a hobby’.  

I created it in 2008 just so that all my materials from my degree (at the University of Westminster) didn’t go to waste and I could make a little income while undertaking unpaid work was really exciting when I made my first sale so I kept it ticking along in the background... this suited me very well, as being in the industry was incredibly rewarding and gave me the most invaluable skills but of course, business and profit is paramount so design ideas were reined in to support this.

‘NUVONOVA’ allowed me to continue being as creative as my brain allowed me to be, while simultaneously building my career.  

Being in the industry also gave me the opportunity to design a sustainable collection. This was a real turning point with what I wanted to do career-wise and how I really felt about the fashion industry as the detailed researching I did to help with the creation of the collection, exposed many things about the industry that I no longer felt I could be a part of, such as fast-fashion... which is why I am now in my studio, thoughtfully creating things by hand🙂. Ironically, the very first time I upcycled an unused sketchbook from university, and created a notebook to sell online back in 2008, I was already on my path to creating sustainably and I didn’t even know it. This continued all through my time working in Fashion, I’d never let fabrics, trims or samples get thrown away...I’d collect them all and put them in my mothers’ attic, hoping that one day I would use them, and I did! 

My design aesthetic is what I like to call, contemporary-eclectic. I love vintage, embellishment, bohemianism but also minimal.... fairytales and all other whimsical notions. Film and music have also always been a huge influence.